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South Ridge Elementary Yearbook

To Order a Yearbook, go to:  
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The Yearbook (SR Passcode 1013994122114048) can be purchased from TreeRing--they plant a tree for every purchase.  Also, there are two custom pages in the books this year. That means parents can design two custom pages for just their kid, their own highlights!
Looking forward to looking back!

The South Ridge Elementary yearbook committee is always pleased to announce the yearbook, bursting with photos, student portraits, activities, highlights, and of course, space for special autographs. The smiles and memories of your student’s year at South Ridge Elementary will be remembered forever in a yearbook.

Since the 1980's, our school has produced a yearbook to preserve school memories for students and their families. The yearbook is a strong tradition in our school and we strive to deliver the best possible yearbook for our students every year. The yearbook is one of our favorite school traditions. Students anticipate reliving the school year through photos, student portraits and event highlights.  Soon your child will be bursting with excitement to review the yearbook. A yearbook grows more valuable over time.

We all look forward to a wonderful year—and an equally wonderful yearbook!

P.S. Calling all photographers upload your pictures directly to TreeRing into one of the shared folders that best matches the photo content.

For additional information email SouthRidgePTA@gmail.com