Executive SRPTA Board Job Descriptions


·        Have a desire to serve the PTA, the school, parents and students.

·        Understand the organization’s mission.

·        Have good listening skills and effective communication skills.

·        Have strong organizational skills.

·        Have flexibility and ability to adapt to change.

·        Work well in a team setting.

·        Be creative and innovative.

·        Be committed to attend and participate in meetings.



The President is responsible for all oversight of the PTA. The President should prepare agenda’s and preside at the general PTA meetings and executive board meetings.  They will serve as the primary contact to the principal and staff and represent the PTA at meetings of other groups, as needed.  They will serve as an ex-officio member of all committees and ensure committees/programs are functioning as needed. The President should maintain all official records of the PTA in the President’s binder.  They are also responsible for the financial review of the treasurer’s report and ensuring bank signature cards are up to date with most current Executive members.  The President should hold regular check-in meetings with the principal and ensure the activities calendar is up to date and suitable for the school year.  The President is also responsible for ensuring all key organizational dates are met, including the PTA insurance policy renewal, incorporation with the state, and IRS Form 990 or 990-EZ, if applicable.  The President should also assist in determining which officer and committee chair positions might need to be filled annually, and reach out for volunteers.  The President should also ensure all volunteers are thanked for their efforts.



The Vice President shall assist the President will all above duties, as needed and perform the duties of the President if the President is absent or unable to serve.  The Vice President will participate in executive board meetings and understand and follow the PTA bylaws.  The Vice President will assist program chairs and committees as needed.  The Vice President will also be responsible for oversight of all staff grant applications; including communicating with staff when grants are approved/denied and assisting staff as needed with questions related to grants.



The Secretary is responsible for all oversight of record keeping for the organization. The Secretary should record and distribute minutes of executive board meetings and general meetings. They will also maintain a complete file of all approved minutes, agendas, and materials distributed at any official PTA meeting.  The Secretary should attend executive board meetings and participate in discussions and decisions. The Secretary is also responsible for submitting all building requests for events put on during the year at various school facilities. This position may be combined with the Communications position listed below.



The Treasurer is responsible for all financial oversight of the organization.  The Treasurer must know how to use Excel (or alternate accounting software) or be willing to learn and be good at keeping files.  The Treasurer should have general knowledge of budgeting and understand the role as custodian of other peoples’ money.  The Treasurer should attend all executive and general meetings. The Treasurer is also responsible for posting all financial transactions to our financial system as they occur throughout the month and creating monthly Treasurer reports to be reviewed by the executive committee and board.  The Treasurer will also reconcile the bank statement and write checks as needed (two signatures and proper paperwork required).  The Treasurer is responsible for making deposits in a timely fashion, as needed, and keeping financial information available for all volunteers.  The Treasurer will lead the annual budget development process at the end of each fiscal year for the following year. The Treasurer is also responsible for filing Form 990/990EZ, the annual IRS return required for 501(c)(3) groups, renewing incorporation with the state, and facilitating the annual audit.



The Membership Coordinator works with the executive committee to plan the annual membership campaign. The Membership Coordinator is responsible for creating and implementing a membership plan, promoting membership throughout the year, collecting dues, and adding members to the PTA membership website.  The Membership Coordinator should set attainable membership goals for the year and work towards achieving that goal.  Membership Coordinator should regularly promote membership in your PTA via school newsletter, social media and set up a membership table at school and community events. Membership should also create a welcome packet for new families who come to your school during the year and engage staff to participate in PTA as well.



The Communications coordinator is responsible for oversight of all communications for the organization. This includes managing the email account and forwarding messages to the correct PTA member or replying as needed. This also includes posting messages and flyers on Facebook to promote events. The Communications coordinator will also maintain a calendar of all events/activities that includes dates for emails, flyers, and Facebook posts to be sent out. They will then be responsible for coordinating with the correct program chair to ensure those communications are ready in a timely manner.



An At Large Board Member is responsible for supporting the Executive Committee with various program ands events. At Large Members can volunteer to be Program Chairs and attend all board meetings through out the year.