Rebecca Frommlet

School: Ridgefield High School/View Ridge Middle School
Class: French 1&2
Phone: 360-619-1320
Email (preferred):

Course Schedule:
1st period- French 1 PTS (VRMS)
2nd period- French 1 PTS (VRMS)
3rd period- Prep

4th period- French 1 (RHS)
5th period- French 1 (RHS)
6th period- French 2 (RHS)

Bienvenue, tout le monde! 
Welcome, everyone!

Bonjour! My name is Rebecca Frommlet (or Mademoiselle Frommlet, if you prefer.) 

I am so excited to spend this year getting to know you all and working together to study this beautiful language! I received my B.A. in French (with a minor in German Studies) from Chapman University, and my M.Ed from Portland State University. After completing my undergraduate degree, I spent a year as a teaching assistant in Calais, France, and had the good fortune to be able to travel throughout Europe (and briefly to Morocco--hence, the camel picture above.)

My goals for all of my French classes are to spark a curiosity about new cultures and instill a love for learning foreign languages in all of my students. 

By the end of high school French education, students will be able to:

  • Hold a basic conversation with native French speakers

  • Express themselves through writing in French

  • Read and comprehend excerpts of Francophone literature

  • Have a deeper understanding of francophone culture