Welcome to the Website for Mrs. Young
2nd Grade
Room 3
South Ridge Elementary School

           I'd like to introduce myself by saying that this is my 23rd year teaching 2nd  grade at South Ridge.  Also, I have also taught three years of Kindergarten and  four years of 6th grade here at South Ridge. I love the excitement for life and  learning that second graders have and am thrilled to be teaching them another year.

 My husband and I have been married 41 years and have three grown daughters, a great son-in-law, and three wonderful little grandchildren.





Specialist Schedules:

     Monday              *P.E. --     11:05              and             Music--11:35                                                                                         

      Tuesday             Library-- 11:05              and             *P.E.-- --11:35                                          


     Thursday            Art    --     11:05   

     Friday                 Music--     11:05  

* Proper dress/shoes needed  


  Expectations, Procedures, and Schedule

 Classroom Rules:

The classroom rules revolve around the philosophy of “Ask yourself, ‘Is this the right thing to do?’”  We find that this covers it all!  As we get into details of what this means to our classroom, we also include: Follow directions quickly, Raise your hand for permission to speak, Raise your hand for permission to leave you seat, and Make smart choices.



Sometimes, students forget a classroom or school rule or students show inappropriate behavior. In this case, students have a color-coded behavior chart which records their daily behavior:


            Green- Student followed all the rules and were excellent self-managers. 

             Yellow, then Red, then Black-Students stay in from recess to write a quick reflection sheet and   

                                         conference with the teacher


             At the end of the day I will stamp their hands with my tiny “green card” stamp.  If your child’s hand is not                       stamped, please ask him or her about the day’s behavior.


Take Home Folders:

Everyday your student will bring home their “Take Home Folder” that has flyers/information from the school, corrected work, and any unfinished classwork to be done and returned the next day. Students need to bring their folders to school daily. Please send any notes in your student’s folder so they won’t be misplaced.



Homework will be sent home on Thursday in the Take Home Folder and will be due the following Wednesday. It generally consists of a reading log to complete after 20 minutes of reading at least 4 times per week, and spelling words to study for a test the following Wednesday.



Because of our late lunch schedule, we will have morning snack.  Please send a healthy and easy to serve snack.  Examples of healthy and convenient things that have worked well in the past are:  any kind of cracker (graham, goldfish, cheese crackers, etc.), fruit roll-ups, pretzels, etc.  If sending fruit, please send messy fruit like oranges peeled and slices into a baggie so they can eat while they work without sticky hands!


Gum, Candy, Toys:

Please help your student to remember that gum and candy are not allowed during class time. If you send a candy or treat in your student’s lunch box, it must stay there until lunch time. Please leave all toys at home to prevent them from being broken or lost.



If your child would like to bring simple, store-bought treats (cookies of cupcakes) or party-type favors like stickers or a pencil to their classmates, we can have a small celebration that includes everyone. 


After-School Plans:

Please send a note or call the school before 2 PM to notify the office of changes to your student’s after school routine (i.e. if they are being picked up instead of riding the bus). Because our bus drivers need written consent, your student must have a note from home when riding another bus (to go to a friend’s house, etc). Accurate information helps ensure that your student is getting to the correct destination after school.



Please help your student to honor our dress code. Remember, no flip flops or spaghetti strap tank tops! As the weather turns cooler, please send a jacket with your student. Also, please help your student to remember to wear appropriate shoes for PE .


Book Orders:

From time to time, I will send home book orders in the Take Home Folders. Orders are due the following Wednesday (same as homework). Please make checks out to the book order, not to South Ridge or myself. Please, no cash. It usually takes around two weeks to receive an order. I prefer not to do on line orders.



Classroom volunteers are always welcome and appreciated! If you would like to volunteer, please check with the office for paperwork and let me know that you are available. 


If you have any questions or comments, I am available for half an hour before and after school in Room 3, or you may always call or e-mail me a and I will get back to you within 24 hours of your message.