Have you ever heard of Sprinters?
It’s a design, printing, lamination, and sticker company run by students here at RHS. This business started in the school year of 2015-2016… Growing more and more each year. The class started off with only 12 students and now, that number has been doubled. This is a new school year, which means that we are under new management and have new employees, all working towards a common goal of satisfying the customer. During this time, the students learn how to be professional and work in the business world, picking up knowledge on how to act in a professional setting. Contact us today about your next project to start working with an RHS designer!

Here is an example of one of the products we make... oh, and we made the video too!


And another video we created to inform you who we are and what we do...

We Are Sprinters

and one of our team members will contact you asap!

Business hours in Room #309 at RHS:

M, T, TH, F…  12:45-1:40

W… 1:00-1:45

360-619-1320 x7238