Cathy Falk

School: Ridgefield High School
Class: English 9, AP Comp, English 12
Phone: 360-619-1320
Best Time Available: 6th period (1:45-2:45)


I grew up in Washington, DC, and moved around the country a lot. I ultimately ended up in Detroit after I graduated from Michigan State with a BA in English, where I worked in the literary criticism department of a publishing house for five years. After I got my teaching certificate from Eastern Michigan University, I moved to Portland, Oregon, and taught at Parkrose High School for three years before I became a die-hard Spudder in 1994.

I love travel and can't get enough of it.  One of my favorite experiences abroad was living in London as an exchange student during my senior year in college.  The most incredible experience, however, was working as a Fulbright exchange teacher during the 2005-06 school year, when I got to teach in the tiny village of Newcastle, Northern Ireland.  

When I'm not teaching the youth, I love cycling, hiking, old films, reading (just about anything, honestly) cooking, football, soccer, yoga, meditation...basically I just like to keep busy! 

During the 2018-2019 school year, I will be teaching freshmen, juniors, and seniors in a variety of classes.  

I love Ridgefield and cannot imagine teaching anywhere else!!  GO SPUDS!!