Mr. Shipp

School:  Ridgefield High School
Class:    Wood Tech / Metal Tech / Metal Art
Phone:  360-619-1320

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As a former Ridgefield graduate I feel honored to be able to run the shop classes that I enjoyed so much. Here is to you Craig...

I'm a designer and fabricator, anything and everything. Creating new things and making other things better is what I do. I have worked on large projects, from designing jet engine parts for Boeing to making retrofit mounting plates for LED lighting projects. Working as a Fire Sprinkler designer for many years gave me a great perspective of life safety and the ins and outs of buildings and systems. Commercial & Residential design and construction are a few other things I have a lot a lot of experience with. Building and running computer controlled machines (CNC) for the last few years has taught me a lot about robotics and fabrication processes.

I have brought a few of my own machines into the shops in the hopes to keep the program current. Computer Controlled machine fabrication is the next wave of interest and I always meet my goals.

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All students: 

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