Ms. Gray-Pritchard

School: Sunset Ridge Intermediate School  
Class:  6th Grade Science
Teacher:  Laurie Gray-Pritchard
Phone: 360-759-6345

Schedule of Specials:  
Band/Choir/Computer Science: Monday, Thursday  11:30-12:30
PE: Wednesday, 11:30-12:30
Art: Friday, 11:30-12:30
Lunch: 11-11:30
Recess: 9:10-9:30


Fall Trimester - Planetary Science

Students will study the rotation and revolution of the Earth, moon phases, learn how to compare size and distances in space to scale, and about the planets and moons of our Solar System.

Winter Trimester - Light and Energy

Students will study types of energy, energy transformations, characteristics of lights, the electromagnetic spectrum, reflection, refraction, and optics.

Spring Trimester - Diversity of Life

Students will study characteristics of living things, cell structures and functions, and the behavioral and structural adaptions of plants and animals.

Students may have snack during the day. Snacks need to be healthy and non-messy. Students may bring their own. Be aware there are students with food allergies.

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